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12/4/17 – Apps And Jailbreaking Your iPhones

In 2015, more than 225,000 Apple accounts were compromised thanks to a piece of malware knows as Keyraider. The Chinese program was targeting iPhones that had been modified by way of the process known as “jailbreaking.” Thankfully the majority of iPhones were safe since jailbreaking is only possible by way of intentionally circumventing restricted areas of the phones file systems. It left the phone user’s information completely vulnerable to hackers by way of malware programs masquerading as entertainment apps. Having access to a user’s email account alone could have a domino effect wherein all of the accounts that email is linked to; banking accounts, mobile phone carriers, and social media accounts; are now in the hands of someone other than the user. This is the holy grail of identity theft opportunities and a financial nightmare waiting to happen. Questionable apps can open users to a host of malicious processes, most of which are intended to steal personal info like passwords and bank numbers.

So how do users protect themselves?
The first step is easy, don’t jailbreak your phone. Restrictions on what your phone can access are there for a reason, and trying to get around them generally doesn’t end well. Next, you’ll want to do an audit of the apps on your phone, and what information those apps have access to. Take note of what apps access personal info such as your photos, social media pages or your GPS information. Limit the number of apps you use, and when using banking apps always have the most updated version. Vary your passwords, have strong passwords, and keep a list of them, preferably a hard copy; somewhere else. If you use a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots, invest in a mobile VPN, and above all use common sense.

Obviously, there’s no way to catalogue the list of steps one should take to protect themselves from mobile cyber-attacks, but there are ways to limit one’s risk and exposure. We hope this blog helps you make your identity that much harder to steal.

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