Next Big Thing In Cell Phones

12/5/17 – What’s The Next Big Thing In Cell Phones?

So you’ve gotten your hands on the new iPhone X, and that pesky little predictive text glitch aside, you’ve had lots of fun and are already ready for the next bleeding edge device. Or maybe your current phone is a few years old or more and you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model. Either way, you’re wondering what’s the latest mobile phone technology out there, right? Well, look no further! It seems to biggest cell phone advancement is going to be in the field of bendable cell tech. According to Bloomberg, users can look forward to smartphones that will fold out to become tablets hitting the market in the not so distant future. In fact, Samsung filed a patent in 2016 that some say represent the prototype of this game-changing piece of tech. The tech giant, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, appears to be ready to launch the revolutionary product sometime in 2018 under its Note brand. The phone would feature a folding display that allows the device to go from smartphone to tablet with ease, and will supposedly create a new, cutting-edge niche in the cell phone technology market. The downside is that the device is expected to be extremely hard to get; it is expected that the Galaxy X as it could possibly be called will see a limited run in a single territory. That territory will most likely be its native South Korea.

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