The Tap Keyboard

12/7/17 – The Tap Keyboard

A cracked screen on your mobile device can cause any number of malfunctions and issues, but one of the most unpleasant is the misery it makes trying to tap out a message, email or text. Sliced fingers are really awful, and who wants to talk on a bloodstained phone? One remedy to this is set to begin taking preorders over this Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday, and it’s a revolutionary idea. Startup Tap has created a virtual keyboard apparatus that mimics old-school brass knuckle weapons and is designed to move your keyboard off of your mobile screen and onto practically any surface you can physically reach. The wearable tech will detect the movement of your fingers and transcribe those movements through its interface and onto your device via Bluetooth. The Tap Wireless Keyboard comes packaged with a variety of games all intended to get users up and running on the interface. Tap understands that it will take users some time to move past the deeply ingrained use of a QWERTY keyboard, even a virtual one. They do, however, also believe that the practical applications for people who are vision or movement impaired more than makeup for the time it will take to catch on in the tech market. For anyone who’s ever read a William Gibson novel or watched Ghost in the Shell, (the anime not that awful movie) will delight at what this might mean for augmented and/or virtual reality. Tap is retailing for $130.00 and as stated earlier, will begin taking preorders over the holiday season. If you can’t wait for this new tech to make it to your door, visit Mobile Matrix Repair at Hanes Mall and get your damaged mobile phone or tablet screen repaired today!

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