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Is Our Information Really Safe?

Computer Chip on a reflow station similar to one used in an iphone
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The news stories and piling in as we hear more and more about possible hacks in our iPhones and Androids. Bloomberg recently put out an article claiming there was a breach of security in the hardware used by Apple and Amazon. Amazon and Apple use cloud-based servers to store thousands of customers data and the majority of sites today use services like these. Since the article was published Apple and Amazon have both denied claims of a backdoor saying they have found no evidence of any such holes. The claims that these backdoor breaches are a way for the Chinese government to spy on North American consumers have heads turning and stocks fluctuating. Will we see a change in the way companies screen their manufacturers? It is important that we always think about the future and how things like this could be possibly affecting our cell phones. As we become more integrated with technology, especially our phones that act as an extension of ourselves, it is dire that we take precaution in who can track and view our personal information.

A Similar scare took place in 2016, the company in question Supermicro has taken a massive hit to its stock value dropping nearly half their value. The Department of Homeland Security and the NCSC have both come out and said they at this time have no reason to doubt the two companies denial of compromised hardware. That being said we should always take these matters with a serious undertone and a preventive attitude.

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