The Right To Repair

Motorola and IFixit Partner to Provide Official Repair Kits

It has long been the case that cell phone manufacturers have fought against the use of third-party parts and replacements. It has been a common practice for these big companies to go to great lengths to fight the DIY community, as well as third-party repair shops. In light of a recent seizure of Apple parts that Louis Rossmann brought to the world’s attention, we have seen a new rise of information on the right to repair. Louis Rossmann has in the past been a massive advocate for the right to repair and was disappointed to find his parts were confiscated. The progression towards the right to repair was not looking bright.

Tables turned when Motorola took a step in the right direction as a company in regards to ethics and creating long-term business practices. They have partnered with the incredibly popular company known for cell phone teardown videos: IFixit. They have announced the partnership to sell official repair kits paired with video instructions; this way, the DIY community can be assured that the parts are straight from the source. These repair kits will more than likely be either screen replacement kits or battery replacement kits. Anything more, like motherboard repair, would still require you to take your phone to a repair shop. This is not only great for us as consumers but this could be a trending shift in big phone companies to offer transparency and directly offer alternatives to harsh insurance claims.

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