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Nowadays, a person’s cell phone is very likely to contain information about literally every aspect of their lives. Photos, emails, texts, social media accounts, banking apps, physical locations, daily routines, and even medical information can be accessed through an individual’s mobile phone. As a result most people are very protective of their devices, but thanks to ever evolving technology it is no longer necessary to have the phone itself to access its information. Mobile phone hacking has become a thing, and a thing everyone needs to be aware of. Over the next month, Mobile Matrix Repair will be publishing blogs focused on mobile cyber-security, and how consumers can protect themselves and their information.

12/10/17 Risk Vs. Reward: The Dangers of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

In today’s connectivity driven world, stable bandwidth on the go is worth so much more than its weight in gold. People use their mobile devices to orchestrate most details of their lives. From the email you send to that prospective employer, to the Uber you contact to get to the interview, to the company website you research on the way, none of it is possible without connectivity. But connectivity costs money, and data overage charges on your phone bill aren’t fun. Being able to log onto the Wi-Fi network at the restaurant, or supermarket or mall you happen to be in can be crucial and all of us have used those hotspots in the past. Despite its convenience, public hotspots can be a dangerous proposition and open you up to possibly being hacked and having your identity stolen.

The fact is, someone with the proper knowledge can acquire the software needed to procure login information for email, banking sites, or just to access any number of closely guarded personal details. This is particularly true on public hotspots that don’t require a log in. This leads us to the first of our recommendations for surfing safely in public without driving your mobile data charges through the roof.

If the last thirty years of pop culture and current events have taught us anything, it’s that you’ve got to be careful where you plug in your port. Public wireless networks are, by their very nature, risky to use indiscriminately. Most reputable public service outlets, hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, coffee houses and the like will usually have Wi-Fi for guests that require a log in and/or password to tap into. If you can just drop onto a network, it’s wise to tread carefully on that network. The second recommendation is to be very careful what information you divulge on public networks regardless of required passwords. No email passwords, no banking passwords, not even social media. Even with secure public hotspots it can be difficult to be sure of exactly who has access to any information transmitted over that network.

Finally, the most reliable way to lock down your info when surfing public networks is with the help of a Virtual Private Network. VPNs are technology that allow for the encryption of transferred information over a public or semi public network as it would be over a private network. This allows users to send and receive information as securely as if they were on their own home networks. There are many good programs on the market that offer this sort of protection, and if you spend lots of time surfing on public networks, this is the solution for you.

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12/7/17 – The Tap Keyboard

A cracked screen on your mobile device can cause any number of malfunctions and issues, but one of the most unpleasant is the misery it makes trying to tap out a message, email or text. Sliced fingers are really awful, and who wants to talk on a blood stained phone? One remedy to this is set to begin taking preorders over this Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday, and it’s a revolutionary idea. Startup Tap has created a virtual keyboard apparatus that mimics old school brass knuckle weapons and is designed to move your keyboard off of your mobile screen and onto practically any surface you can physically reach. The wearable tech will detect the movement of your fingers and transcribe those movements through its interface and onto your device via Bluetooth. The Tap Wireless Keyboard comes packaged with a variety of games all intended to get users up and running on the interface. Tap understands that it will take users sometime to move past the deeply ingrained use of a QWERTY keyboard, even a virtual one. They do however, also believe that the practical applications for people who are vision or movement impaired more than make up for the time it will take to catch on in the tech market. For anyone who’s ever read a William Gibson novel or watched Ghost in the Shell, (the anime not that awful movie) will delight at what this might mean for augmented and/or virtual reality. Tap is retailing for $130.00 and as stated earlier, will begin taking preorders over the holiday season. If you can’t wait for this new tech to make it to your door, visit Mobile Matrix Repair at Hanes Mall and get your damaged mobile phone or table screen repaired today!

12/5/17 – What’s The Next Big Thing In Cell Phones?

So you’ve gotten your greedy little hands on the new iPhone X, and that pesky little predictive text glitch aside, you’ve had lots of fun and are already ready for the next bleeding edge device. Or maybe your current phone is a few years old or more and you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model. Either way, you’re wondering what’s the latest mobile phone technology out there, right? Well look no further! It seems to biggest cell phone advancement is going to be in the field of bendable cell tech. According to Bloomberg, users can look forward to smartphones that will fold out to become tablets hitting the market in the not so distant future. In fact, Samsung filed a patent in 2016 that some say represent the prototype of this game changing piece of tech. The tech giant, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, appears to be ready to launch the revolutionary product sometime in 2018 under its Note brand. The phone would feature a folding display that allows the device to go from smartphone to tablet with ease, and will supposedly create a new, cutting edge niche in the cell phone technology market. The downside is that the device is expected to be extremely hard to get; it is expected that the Galaxy X as it could possibly be called will see a limited run in a single territory. That territory will most likely be its native South Korea.

12/4/17 Apps And Jailbreaking Your iPhones

In 2015, more than 225,000 Apple accounts were compromised thanks to a piece of malware knows as Keyraider. The Chinese program was targeting iPhones that had been modified by way of the process known as “jailbreaking.” Thankfully the majority of iPhones were safe since jailbreaking is only possible by way intentionally circumventing restricted areas of the phones file systems. It left the phone user’s information completely vulnerable to hackers by way of malware programs masquerading as entertainment apps. Having access to a user’s email account alone could have a domino effect wherein all of the accounts that email is linked to; banking accounts, mobile phone carriers, and social media accounts; are now in the hands of someone other than the user. This is the holy grail of identity theft opportunities and a financial nightmare waiting to happen. Questionable apps can open users to a host of malicious processes, most of which are intended to steal personal info like passwords and bank numbers.

So how do users protect themselves?
The first step is easy, don’t jailbreak your phone. Restrictions on what your phone can access are there for a reason, and trying to get around them generally doesn’t end well. Next, you’ll want to do an audit of the apps on your phone, and what information those apps have access to. Take note of what apps access personal info such as your photos, social media pages or your GPS information. Limit the number of apps you use, and when using banking apps always have the most updated version. Vary your passwords, have strong passwords, and keep a list of them, preferably a hard copy; somewhere else. If you use a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots, invest in a mobile VPN, and above all use common sense.

Obviously, there’s no way to catalogue the list of steps one should take to protect themselves from mobile cyber-attacks, but there are ways to limit one’s risk and exposure. We hope this blog helps you make your identity that much harder to steal.

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